How to create dropdown navigation in Bootstrap

Darcy Paterson

Jul 4, 2024  
Bootstrap, Dropdown, Navigation

It can be a challenge to create a dropdown navigation in Bootstrap. This post with a video will guide you through how to do it.

bootstrap and parcel

How to setup Parcel and Bootstrap

Darcy Paterson

Jul 4, 2024  
Bootstrap, Parcel

If you’re new to Bootstrap and you want to get a project up and running quickly, Parcel is the way to go. Beginners will find […]

bootstrap theme

How to build a Bootstrap theme

Darcy Paterson

Apr 5, 2024  
Bootstrap, Themes

Creating a theme based on your design is easy with Bootstrap. It’s made easier because Bootstrap comes with a variety of pre-built components and a […]

Bootstrap 5

How to change Bootstrap’s carousel indicators to thumbnail images

Darcy Paterson

Nov 2, 2023  

In Bootstrap 5, the carousel has great functionality but doesn’t have image thumbnails for slide indicators. In this tutorial you’ll see how easy it is […]


Accessibility: How to make website forms better

Darcy Paterson

Oct 26, 2023  

Accessibility is an often overlooked feature for websites. It’s not until after the design, development and launch is complete that organizations and businesses start thinking […]


How to customize Bootstrap’s spacing utility

Darcy Paterson

Oct 24, 2023  

If you’ve ever used Bootstrap in a project you’ve likely run into the issue where the library doesn’t have all the features you need. One […]


How to start the SEO process with your website

Darcy Paterson

Oct 20, 2023  
Google, SEO, WordPress

Search engine optimization (SEO) for your new website is made easy with WordPress and Google. Although SEO takes time and really is an ongoing project […]


Set up WordPress and Cloudflare to avoid a 301 error

Darcy Paterson

Oct 19, 2023  
Cloudlfare, WordPress

Recently, I was launching a new site that was built with WordPress and uses Cloudflare for its SSL certificate. Seems like a fairly simple and […]