With over 20 years experience, Pixel Factory is a web development and design studio located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Our Goal

To make digital products like themes, websites and apps that people want to use.

Why We're Different

Success comes from meeting end-user expectations. For example, we have a site that is at the top of Google search results in its category. It averages 1 new email subscriber/day and over 40% open rates. It's successful because the content focuses on the needs of the end-user.


We build themes.
We build websites that generate leads.
We provide ongoing maintenance.
We offer hosting.
We do SEO.


Small Business Starter Site
$500 - $2000

Established Business Site
$2000 - $5000

Advanced Site
$5000 & up


“Our site gave us instant credibility. An important selling point with our customers was that we we were jointly owned with Horse Lake First Nation. Our site emphasized that in the messaging.”
– Shane Smith, Status Energy

“Starting my new business I needed a website, business card, rack card and logo. Pixel Factory took my ideas and created a brand that exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend them.”
– Amber Bell, Amber Bell Accounting

“Pixel Factory made a great starter site for my business. Business is good. I'm very happy with the site.”
– James McClelland, McClelland Media Partners

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